Singapore Restaurant Chronicles: The Entertainer at Saha

A while ago, I was invited to my very first blogging event in Singapore. The event was to introduce the Entertainer app to Singapore bloggers. It was so exciting to meet these bloggers, and realise that they’re not that different from me. More importantly, it was great to get restaurant recommendations for Singapore! I always feel a bit lost here when it comes to eating out. In Jozi, I had a “hitlist” of restaurants I needed to try, as well as a list of favourites that I knew wouldn’t disappoint. Now, when I feel like a good pizza, for example. I have no idea where to go and it’s a bit of a trial and error thing.

Bloggers. Taking pictures. Finally, I'm not the only crazy person!
Bloggers. Taking pictures. Finally, I’m not the only crazy person!

This particular event was held at Saha, a brand new Indian tapas bar in my favourite area of Singapore- Duxton Hill. Unlike most other areas, Duxton is a historic site so no one is allowed to do any construction there. As a result, the buildings aren’t high risers, and the streets are really quaint. When I finish lectures early, I love walking around that area and chilling at a different coffee shop each time. Nothing makes me happier.

I’d worked with Entertainer previously, when they just launched in Joburg (read here) and I’m now using the app in Singapore as well, where it’s really a treat because food is so expensive. For those not in the know, Entertainer is an app with hundreds of buy one get one free offers across restaurants, spas and even hotels. In Singapore particularly, the calibre of restaurants is quite high- with a few of my favourites, like Hard Rock Cafe, on the list. I’m yet to get accustomed to the local food (it’s just not to my taste and I don’t enjoy it), but perhaps I’m just going to the wrong places. The cost for the app is SGD19 for a month, which can easily be recovered after just one meal.

In South Africa, I’m used to Indian restaurants being a bit grubby- they always seem to skimp on decor costs. I was really impressed upon walking into Saha- look! P9680432

Fancy, right? The restaurant is quite upmarket, and outside there’s an airy terrace bar, where our event was helped. Saha’s food is regional Indian cuisine with a modern twist, and they’re also big on cocktails, which are avant garde mixology based… one of our cocktails had smoke coming out of it!

P9680437P9680396 P9680409I really enjoyed everything I tried. The chicken tikka was really tender without being on the border of raw, which is often the issue when restaurants try to do tender meat. Even the veggie dishes were packed with flavour. I like their Tapas concept- being able to try different things. P9680405


So the Entertainer offer at Saha is to buy two tapas and get two free, and I’m definitely gonna go back and try it.

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