Kandolhu Maldives- my most luxurious trip yet!

Hello hello! As I said in my last post, I’m trying to lighten my load of freelance writing so as to have more time to strategically recruit, and to hopefully blog more too 🙂 If you’re keen to know more MBA stuff, I’m continuing to write a weekly piece for 10 Minutes With- which you can check out here. I’m currently in Fontainebleau, France. It’s been just over two weeks since I left Singapore and now I know for sure that Europe is my preference in terms of post- MBA location. But that’s another story for another day.. I plan to do a post all about living in France soon 🙂

Today I want to tell you about my exquisite stay at Kandolhu. Until this trip, my most luxurious trip was to Constance Ephelia, but I have to stay that Kandolhu beat this. Maldives is known for its water villas perched on the ocean, and I was lucky enough to stay in one of these.

The fact that it was on the water was amazing, but the villa itself was gorgeous. It was decorated in a really modern style, with tiles and fittings imported from Germany and Italy. The bathroom had wraparound glass windows, letting in lots of light.

006 - Aerial Ocean Villas 026 - Ocean Pool Villa 027 - Ocean Pool Villa 028 - Ocean Pool VillaThe island is really tiny- there are only 30 rooms and it’s super exclusive and intimate. The island is surrounded by a reef which is fantastic for snorkelling. We went out twice and saw turtles, sharks and loads of tropical fish- schools of hundreds at a time in the most magnificent colours- purple, green and blue. I wish I had a GoPro to take photos, because this was the highlight for me. It actually inspired me to get PADI certified as soon as I can. I always put off the idea of diving because I’m not a strong swimmer, but I managed in the deep sea perfectly fine without a life jacket, and was left enthralled by underwater life. It’s like a whole new world- absolutely silent, with all these different creatures coexisting happily. I loved watching them eat, interact with each other and move around.

Other than snorkelling and water sports, a Maldivian holiday is about eating. Kandolhu has 4 restaurants- the highest restaurant to guest ratio in the Maldives, and we tried out 3 of them. For the most part, we found the food a little bland, but that’s usually the case when a resort has guests from all over the world. Everything was of a very high quality, and we feasted on salads, burgers and pizza at lunch, while dinner was a little fancier with premium seafood and grills on offer.

008 - The Market

Because of the size of the island, the service is excellent. You can be assured of a private snorkelling guide at all times, you won’t have to book days in advance to enjoy the spa (we had great massages), and you’ll mostly have the gym to yourself.

It’s the type of holiday that is perfect for rejuvenation and romance- you feel as though you’re a million miles away from reality and civilisation. The public areas are great for chilling, and we also enjoyed a sunset cruise- the sunsets are to die for. No filter on the pics below- can you believe?!

IMG_0091 IMG_0119 IMG_0118 IMG_0112 IMG_0105 IMG_0076

We only spent 2 days there, and another 2 days in another resort called Kuramathi, which I’ll write about soon. Maldives is actually made up of hundreds of islands, so you usually fly to the main island, Male, and then take an seaplane to the resort. It’s quite a mission because the seaplanes fly at specific times and they’re quite pricey (around $250pp) – so on the way out we had to leave at 8am for a flight that was only at 2pm. Similarly, coming in, we had a 4 hour wait at the airport between the time our international flight landed and our seaplane transfer.

For this reason, I think a longer stay is warranted- at least 4 days. You can stay on Male or an island accessible from Male by speedboat, but then you’re going to see/ hear planes, and you don’t get as much a sense of isolation.

To find out more about Kandolhu, visit their site here. A huge thank you to the team at Kandolhu, and especially GMs Laura and Marc (who are a couple that are jointly running the resort) for taking such good care of us- we had a heavenly stay.

Stay tuned to read about my stay at 4 star Kuramathi in my next post!

xxx H