SweepSouth launches in SA

South Africans are super lucky that luxuries like a cleaner are relatively affordable. When I left to live in Singapore, France and now London, I’ve been paying progressively more for my cleaners – currently I pay 10 pounds an hour and have someone in for 3 hours once a week. In SA, cost is secondary, the problem is finding someone reliable. I’ve had a cleaner who cleaned a bit too well – she cleaned out our entire liquor cabinet! Another one used to leave me on edge every Saturday morning, wondering if she would show up or not (it was always a 50/50 gamble.)

When I heard about SweepSouth, I immediately was like: “yes!” – THIS is what SA needs! What is SweepSouth? It’s Uber for cleaners.¬†You can book home cleanings in advance, 7 days a week, for a reasonable fee (R38 an hour.) You don’t need to worry about security as the cleaners are vetted in advance and rated. There is a 100% quality guarantee, if you aren’t happy, the cleaner will return and redo the job until you are.

The nice thing is that you can book different areas of your home to be cleaned, and can also book ad hoc services, like cleaning inside your fridge or oven, cleaning windows or ironing. SweepSouth¬†can even send cleaning products along with the cleaner, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Finally, it’s all cashless – so no need to draw cash, you pay online via your credit card. Simply, hassle free and convenient.

SweepSouth have offered Jozilicious readers a 1 hour discount off bookings: to redeem it, click on the banner below.

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Happy cleaning!

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