The Best UK SIM card and underground tickets for tourists in London

In a city like London, you need to be connected 24/7. Whether you’re taking public transport, or walking – Google Maps / Citymapper is a must. – just using public wifi won’t cut it. So what’s the best and cheapest SIM card in the UK?

I always recommend Three mobile. Not only do they have great prices, but they also offer free international data roaming, perfect if you’re planning to extend your trip into Europe.)

Getting a UK prepaid SIM card once you’re in London can be a mission – you need to find the right store, and ideally you want to be connected as soon as you land. Also, commuting from the airports in London is super expensive because they’re all quite far out  – so ideally you also want to be able to use public transport immediately.

City – Go solves both these problems. It offers preloaded UK SIM cards (Three Network.) and preloaded Oyster cards (for travel on London underground) – shipped to your home country for FREE, so you can be connected as soon as you land

The prices are really competitive too – check it out here. You can even add a travel adapter and gym passes to your pack.

If you’re looking for a tourist SIM card  – this is really your best bet.