How to Be Stylish at a Casino

It is easy to be a bit confused about what one should actually wear to a casino. The movies always show people dressed up extremely formally when they enter the casino, but this doesn’t make a lot of sense in the minds of most people. Why would someone dress as if they were going to church or a funeral when they are coming to gamble? That is exactly why casinos have relaxed their dress codes in big ways over the years.

Check Out The Casino’s Website

There remain at least a few casinos that keep a strict set of rules about what people wear when they come to play. At the very least, there may be designated areas in which people should dress more formally. Thus, it is a good idea to check on the website of a casino before assuming that casual wear is completely acceptable. You don’t want to be out of place with whatever you are wearing.

General Rules That We Should All Live By

There are some general rules that you can and should live by when it comes to how you dress for the casino. You should try to avoid wearing sneakers or flip-flops as an example. This is just too casual for the average casino. Try not to wear worn out clothing or clothing that is dirty.

Casinos tend to get a bit more formal at night than they are during the day. You should make sure to get a bit more formal about clothing after the sun has set. That means ditching the t-shirts and shorts when it gets dark outside.

Categories Of Dress Code

The dress code for a casino can be found on its website most of the time. There are some keywords or code words that you can look for to understand what is expected of you.

White Tie- This is the most formal that any place would ever ask you to wear. This is the level of what you might see in some of those old casino movies. If asked to wear white tie, make sure you follow the dress code very closely. There is a lot expected of you in this scenario.

Black Tie- This is a more common level of dress code, but it is still not all that common in today’s casino. You might see people wearing a black tie level of dress code if they are in the VIP lounge or if they are spectators to a major poker tournament or something of that nature. Don’t expect to have to worry about this level of formality when you go to your favorite casino during the middle of the week.

Semi-Formal- You can lose the tie if you are a man at this level of formality. This is looking more like a button-down shirt and dress pants kind of feel to it. This is a perfectly acceptable way to dress for the casino and do just fine. Most of the time this is even more formal than absolutely necessary.

Be Comfortable In What You Are Wearing

The best thing you can do for yourself when looking at the dress code of a particular casino is try to find a casino that will be open to allowing you to dress essentially how you want to. The best option is to play online at casinos like so you can wear almost nothing if you wanted. You should be comfortable when in the casino because the casino is about having fun. You are putting your chips on the table literally, and that means that you should have the flexibility to dress mostly how you want. Staying comfortable and dressed in clothes that make sense to you is the best way to convince yourself to stay and play for a while.