profileHi, I’m Hasmita- welcome to my blog! I used to live in Johannesburg, South Africa, working in Finance during the day and spending all my spare time either travelling or eating (or researching one of the two.) Now, I live in London and work in a completely different, awesome area – brand strategy consulting at Kantar Vermeer. I also am passionate about entrepreneurship and am working on two exciting travel startups in my spare time: My Asia Getaway and City Go.

I started this blog in 2011 as a way to express myself creatively. It crafted the path for me to change my career, and also led to many amazing opportunities like my own page in the Sunday Independent, a bunch of new blogger friends, and countless unique food and travel experiences.

In 2014, I decided to take a year off to do an MBA at INSEAD in Singapore and France – read more about that here. Now, my writing focuses on my adventures in and around London and revolves around what I’m passionate about- unique dining experiences, whether it be a pop up restaurant, food truck or fine dining, and travel. I’m obsessed with travel! I also use this blog as a pseudo journal and share what I hope are inspirational stories of my journey.

Contact: You can mail me at info@joziliciousblog.co.za or follow me on Twitter @hasmita

Disclosure: Some restaurants and hotels on this blog have hosted me, while I have paid my own way for some. I am brutally honest no matter which.

Press Requests:

– Feel free to get in touch with me about featuring your brand on Jozilicious. I love playing my part in uplifting the food and travel industries and am particularly keen on giving exposure to small, artisanal producers or standalone boutique hotels. I seldom review chain restaurants. I do cover beauty and fashion, but rarely, and only if it is something of particular interest to me.